"Gold Label" Tattoo Balm - 2oz

"Gold Label" Tattoo Balm - 2oz


Our Gold Balm is perfect for keeping irritation down during the tattoo process and is great for healing as well. This multi-purpose glide is 100% organic and contains 100% plant based (vegan) ingredients. Whether you’re tattooing, or just need a moisturizing healing ointment, this is your new best friend! Lightly scented, the anti-inflammatory ingredients work alongside essential fatty acids to replenish and heal the skin, giving it exactly what it needs during a procedure.

This balm also works as an aftercare ointment. With the perfect viscosity, it can easily be whipped to the desired thickness, and is heavy enough to penetrate the skin with healing nutrients for the first half of the healing process.

Have a healed tattoo? This versatile balm can help with that too! Just rub a small amount on your tattoo to bring back the color and vibrancy it once had. This product helps with fading and brings your tattoo back to life!

Twist it, Whip it, Use it, Repeat!

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*Our Gold Balm is made from 100% natural ingredients which means it is susceptible to varying color changes and/or slight differences in texture consistency. It is best to keep in a cool area out of direct heat/sunlight to prevent graininess. If your product does become grainy, melt it down and place in a freezer for about 15 minutes to help maintain a smooth texture.