Gold Balm Tattoo Glide 2oz Monthly Subscription

Gold Balm Tattoo Glide 2oz Monthly Subscription

10.00 every month

This monthly subscription is perfectly convenient for the professional tattoo artist or skincare professional using our product regularly. Sign up now to save time and money!

Being prepared with the proper supplies the day of your appointment is crucial! Artists, never be late for a client again because you ran out of your favorite glide, or have to settle for a lesser product because you forgot to purchase your supplies. With this monthly subscription we bring quality products to your door to help check one more thing off your to-do list!

This balm also works as an aftercare ointment. It has the perfect viscosity , and is heavy enough to penetrate the skin with healing nutrients for the first half of the healing process.

Have a healed tattoo? This versatile balm can help with that too! Just rub a small amount on your tattoo to bring back the color and vibrancy it once had. This product helps with fading and brings your tattoo back to life!

Made with all organic and vegan ingredients.