Gold Healing Anti-Itch Lotion 50ml Monthly Subscription

Gold Healing Anti-Itch Lotion 50ml Monthly Subscription

15.00 every month

This monthly subscription is perfectly convenient for the professional tattoo artist or skincare professional using our products regularly. Sign up now to save time and money!

Applying aftercare ointment isn’t for everyone… the thick goop that gets on everything can be hard to convince clients to reapply every day, no matter how important it is. Now with our subscription, you will always have a product on-hand that is a perfect compromise for artist and client!

The oil based lotion penetrates the skin deep enough to prevent moisture loss, and coats the surface of the skin just enough to act as a protective barrier, but will not rub off on your clothes. The carefully chosen ingredients help create balance by mimicking your skin’s natural sebum (skin’s natural oil) so it won’t clog your pores.

This lotion is the perfect remedy for preventing clients from neglecting aftercare and keeping them from scratching and picking at their fresh tattoos. Win Win!

Made with all organic and vegan ingredients.