It all started when...

We thought of some improvements to everyday products in the tattoo and skincare industries. There weren't many with organic ingredients and simple, vegan/plant based formulas... until now.

Releaf is a family owned company that started in the heart of Texas. Our founder needed a numbing gel product that would help comfort his clients during long tattoo sessions but would not interfere or compromise the quality of the artwork itself. Most similar products on the market are full of chemicals and can hinder the healing process of a tattoo. We wanted an option that was effective in giving  the client comfort throughout the process by using soothing natural elements to help the body heal properly. Through hard work and many long nights we came up with Releaf.

Releaf numbing gel is not just for tattoos! It is also a great pre-treatment for tattoo removal, piercings, waxing, electrolysis, laser hair removal, permanent makeup, dermarolling,  injections like Botox, micro-blading, and cosmetic tattooing.  Releaf is even wonderful for aid in healing sunburns when applied chilled.

We believe in producing quality products that support and heal your body. We make products that we are comfortable sharing with our loved ones and we look forward to serving you and your family with our products.